Start profiting from the boom in alcohol shipping

Coasters unlocks the untapped potential of online alcohol sales for any eCommerce store or marketplace.

At Coasters, we’ve been successfully selling alcohol online since 2015. We know the market, and we’ve built the software that gives your business an easy path to capture incremental profit.

Sell and ship alcohol online without compliance issues, fulfillment logistics, cross-state commerce, unexpected costs, antiquated laws, or any of a thousand other challenges that come from adding alcohol to your online shop.


Here’s just a few reasons to partner with us.


Coasters is a
Long-term Solution

Coasters is the #1 compliant shipper of alcohol sold online for a reason. Our network of stores and the system we’ve built enables brands like yours to unlock alcohol as an eCommerce channel like never before.

Unlike patchwork solutions, with Coasters, you won’t have to worry about managing multiple carriers and rates or compliance problems.

We allow you to enter a $16B market while ensuring you have a scalable, sustainable solution that you can profit from long-term.


Coasters Handles
Legal and Compliance

The three-tier alcohol system is complex and makes it challenging to sell and ship alcohol online. Our national network of liquor stores, proprietary software built for compliant payments and routing, and deep experience in the industry makes compliance a breeze, allowing our partners to sit back and collect profits without worry.

No Need to Purchase Inventory

Coasters offers an open API and integrations with more than 40 eCommerce solutions that give you access to our extensive catalog of beer, wine, and spirits. We offer thousands of products from the brands your customers love.

By partnering with us, you open up a new sales channel without having to purchase and store inventory.

To top things off, it is proven that selling alcohol online helps you sell more of your other products. Data shows that online shoppers spend 167% more when alcohol is offered, and AOV is $135 higher when alcohol is purchased.



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