How Coasters Works

The Number One Shipper of Alcohol in the US

Coasters enables any eCommerce store or marketplace to sell and ship alcohol online.

Our national network of liquor stores and proprietary fulfillment technology allow your business to minimize the legal and logistical hurdles associated with selling alcohol online and simply collect the profits.


Selling alcohol online comes with a bevy of legal, regulatory, and compliance challenges, including:

  • Qualifying as an off-premise retailer under the three-tier system
  • Possessing a license for each state in which you sell alcohol
  • Restrictions that only allow intrastate alcohol shipping (in most cases, it is illegal to ship alcohol across state lines) 
  • Meeting alcohol packaging and shipping requirements
  • Integrating with a payment solution compliant with online alcohol sales
  • Finding a carrier licensed in each state to transport packages and obtain adult signature
  • Other local and state regulations

Skip the headache and work with Coasters instead.

We handle all the points outlined above. Our national network of stores and fulfillment centers specialize in compliant alcohol shipping. Our proprietary software is built for compliant sales, payment, and routing.

Inventory and Product Selection

Curate a selection of products unique to your brand and customer base. Coasters offers a wide selection of beer, wine, and spirits your customers will love.

Where Coasters goes beyond a typical liquor store is the unique customer experiences we offer. With Coasters, you can offer your customers bundles, cocktail kits, engravings, custom packaging, and more from the convenience of your online marketplace. If you can think of it, we can mix it.

OMS Integration

Coasters’ proprietary order and payment routing solutions easily integrate with over 40 eCommerce platforms, ERPs, and marketplaces. You can learn more about how you can integrate Coasters here.

Getting Started

Let’s discuss what works best for you! Contact Us.

Many partners create a specific section in their navigation for alcohol. Some partners even host a branded Shopify microsite that contains alcohol products only – a super easy and cost-effective strategy to launch quickly!


It is illegal to ship alcohol between most states (except for NH, NE, ND, and AK). Centralized shipping is NOT allowed. Our network of fulfillment locations across the country enables orders placed through Coasters to get fulfilled in their destination state. Alcohol never travels over state lines, and your customers will get their orders quickly and compliantly. As the leading alcohol 3PL, our team fulfills 99% of orders within 24-48 hours!



We have a specialty UPS contract, giving us tier-1 service, best-in-class tracking and updates, and an average delivery time of less than 3 days.

Given our growing network, we provide our partners aggregated economies of scale – pushing down shipping costs while making your customers happier.

Customer Service

Your customers will receive delivery notifications as their package progresses toward arrival. If any issues occur, our friendly customer service team can handle inquiries or deal with lost or damaged packages. No matter the problem, we will be there to resolve it.


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