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Why High Confectionery Turned to Coasters to Solve its Fulfillment Issues

“To sell CBD online, we needed a partner that could ensure adult signature on every order at great rates.  We found that in Coasters.”

– CEO, High Confectionary

Maker of predictable, dosable, snackable infused treats

The High Confectionary is a female-founded CBD brand that makes an assortment of ultra-low dose consumable products.






Collecting adult signature on online orders without increasing costs

The High Confectionary saw an opportunity to expand their business into online sales to capitalize on consumers’ growing interest in CBD gummies, but ensuring they remained in compliance with the US’s complicated shipping laws threatened to put a stop to their plans. They needed to find a partner who could help them expand into new markets and deliver fast fulfillment times while remaining in constant compliance.

To serve as the High Confectionary’s 3PL, Coasters needed to meet  strict criteria:

  • Working relationship with a national carrier
  • Experienced shipping regulated goods
  • Ship orders fast at an affordable rate
  • Provide a standardized customer experience
  • Guarantee adult signature is collected with every delivery

Our products contain CBD and hemp – which is legal to sell online, but requires strict processes in place to ensure minors are not purchasing from us. If we are to launch and succeed, we need to remain in constant compliance and collect adult signature on every order.

Coasters does not rely on a patchwork of systems and carriers to fulfill orders. Its national network of fulfillment centers enables High Confectionary to work with a single partner instead of several. Coasters’ relationship with UPS ensures a standardized, high-quality customer experience.

Because we are getting great discounted rates, we do not have to pass on high shipping costs to our consumers. This leads to more conversions and first-time customers, which is essential as we continue to grow and scale our brand online.


Partner with Coasters for seamless order fulfillment of regulated goods requiring adult signature

Adult Signature

Coasters not only ensures that an adult signature is collected with every order, but in addition, it offers heavy discounts on signature collection to help High Confectionary’s bottom line.

Easy Integration

Coasters connected its Shopify app to High Confectioniery’s warehouse management system for order and payment routing. High Confectionery was fully integrated with Coasters in under a week.

Speed & Performance

Coasters specialized UPS contracts make a difference in High Confectionary’s customer experience. Orders are fulfilled in 3 days or less at affordable rates.

“Average fulfillment day is 3 days or less and our products are extremely well packaged. Our customers absolutely love how fast their products get to them. Everything has been perfect!


Adult Signature Required? Streamline your fulfillment with Coasters.

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