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How Bevstack Cut Fulfillment
Time by 57% with Coasters

“Our clients are so impressed with the fast fulfillment times from Coasters, that word has spread fast. From working with Coasters alone, we have signed up more than 100+ clients.

– CEO, Bevstack

Over 200 brands use Bevstack to fulfill their DTC needs.

Bevstack leverages their technology, distributor relationships, and network of licensed liquor fulfillment partners to help alcohol brands sell directly online.






Reducing fulfillment time without increasing costs

Bevstack already enabled multiple alcohol brands to sell directly to their customers online, but they were having challenges with consistent, timely fulfillment. Growing alcohol brands need the ability to sell their alcohol DTC, but some have been burned by slow fulfillment times or unresponsive partners. Bevstack needed to find a partner who could help them expand into new markets and deliver faster fulfillment times without sacrificing compliance or customer service.

  • Bevstack had a network of partners that handled fulfillment, but it was a headache. 
  • Delivery times varied by market, and prevented creating a consistent customer experience. 
  • Bevstack’s ability to onboard new alcohol brands was impacted. They knew they needed to figure out a solution to the fulfillment bottleneck. 
  • Finding Coasters to be their lead partner changed the trajectory of Bevstack’s business.

Coasters has a best-in-class platform and their team makes onboarding fast and painless. You can tell they have years of experience and have built their technology with execution and scalability in mind

The biggest advantage of working with Coasters is driving an amazing customer experience for our clients without shouldering the load of fulfillment. Their team has completely delivered, giving us happy clients and unlimited ability to drive new business.

Coasters’ relationship with UPS has benefitted us tremendously – as we never have to worry about shipping issues or delays. Packages arrive on time and from a carrier our customers trust – especially for a high-value item like alcohol


Partner with Coasters, an expert alcohol 3PL, with a national network of liquor stores/warehouses they own and operate

Integration and Onboarding

Coasters’ in-house team and custom API helped Bevstack onboard clients quickly and effectively. Bevstack was fully integrated with Coasters in under a month.


Coasters’ national network of liquor stores and deep experience in the industry allows Bevstack and its clients to remain in constant compliance while they increase sales and grow their business.


Coasters is the first compliant alcohol 3PL in the US and holds premier partner status with UPS. Bevstack never has to worry about slow fulfillment times or compromising customer experience.

When alcohol brands hear that we can allow them to sell and ship alcohol online with fulfillment times of three days or less, they don’t believe it.

Coasters has handled customer service exceptionally well. Rarely are there any issues with products or delivery, and if there are, Coasters is able to handle all requests without getting Bevstack involved. We have never once had a compliance issue since working with Coasters


Faster fulfillment time with cost savings

Working with Coasters helped Bevstack level up their customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

Customers get their packages faster than ever, and Bevstack can feel confident that they are in constant compliance.

Cut Fulfillment time by 57% from 7 days to 3

Savings on fulfillment costs from 10-20%

Signed over 100 new partners since working with Coasters to improve fulfillment


Want to join Bevstack and level up your alcohol fulfillment with Coasters?

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