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Easily make money selling spirits, wine, beer on your eCommerce store without purchasing inventory. We’ll handle warehousing, fulfillment, and compliance. You collect the profits.



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Enter Coasters

We leverage proprietary technology and our national network of liquor stores to help businesses like yours seamlessly add alcohol to your product catalog and compliantly sell it online, where people buy more often–and spend more money.

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How Coasters Works

Why Add Alcohol to Your Mix?

Toast-Worthy Stats


Online alcohol revenue in the United States from 2017 to 2025 (in billion U.S. dollars)

 Source: Statista

Source: Statista


Fulfillment by Coasters.

Great Service, Straight Up.

The Old Way

  • Multiple log-ins, platforms, integrations, and systems to manage

  • Patchwork of different partners and/or retailers

  • Sketchy compliance

  • Inconsistent fulfillment execution, customer experience and pricing

  • Lack of customization options, no enhanced options

  • Regional carriers with long delays and missing packages


  • Modern platform: flexible integrations and hassle-free onboarding

  • One partner

  • Compliant, industry leading software

  • Direct relationship with a national retailer, delivering better pricing and customer experience

  • Customizations—create your own product pairings

  • Best in class fulfillment performance: 99% of orders fulfilled within 48 hrs.

Elevate your eCommerce offerings and tap into the multi-billion dollar alcohol market.


Why hasn't anyone done this before?

You can thank Al Capone for making online alcohol sales complicated.

In the 1920s, the US adopted some restrictive and downright strange laws regulating the interstate transport of alcohol. A hundred years later, even as eCommerce has boomed, these laws continue to make selling alcohol across state lines a major buzzkill.

We’re Coasters.
We’re Shaking Up eCommerce.

We operate the first national network of retail liquor stores designed and optimized for compliant fulfillment of alcohol orders.

Our proprietary operating system is a complete end-to-end platform that enables you to seamlessly scale and manage eCommerce alcohol sales.

Over the last +5 years, we’ve worked with the biggest alcohol eCommerce partners in the country.

You can say that our solutions have been aged to perfection.

Give Coasters a Shot

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us today and benefit from the growing $16 billion alcohol eCommerce market. Capture the alcohol dollars your customers are already spending, just not with you.

Yes, Coasters works with dozens of partners and marketplaces enabling fulfillment of alcohol orders. For every order, a store in Coasters’ network ships the alcohol to the customer as the licensed retailer. All stores are properly licensed to sell alcohol to customers and ship directly via licensed common carriers.

We have stores in eight of the largest states where shipping is permitted and serve 40% of the drinking population: {CA, NY, FL, IL, MA, NJ, CT, DC, NH, NE, ND, AK, OR*, WY*, NM*} *Wine

Liquor shipping isn’t allowed everywhere, such as in TX and GA, for instance. 

We are working on adding more coverage in 2023 and beyond

Our inventory feeds are automatically updated in real-time for every location.

We understand most partners have a customer service team and want to maintain direct communication with their own customers, no problem!

Coasters has an amazing team of our own B2B customer service reps ready to arm your team with the information they might need to troubleshoot any issue.

If you want us to speak with customers directly, we can do that too!

  • Choose your alcohol products and load them into your eCommerce platform
  • Our warehouse management system integrates seamlessly with Shopify, Shipstation, and 40 other eCommerce platforms. We have an open API allowing for fast, easy, and accurate fulfillment.
  • Our system automatically sends back order details and carrier tracking information for customer communication. 
  • To track inventory, we setup inventory feeds per fulfillment location to keep you up to date on product availability and out of stocks

All deliveries and shipments are delivered via licensed third-party delivery companies or common carriers. 

All shipments and deliveries containing alcohol require an adult signature and/or verification of a valid government-issued photo ID upon delivery (21 years or older).

No inventory commitments.

Coasters’ retailers fulfill all orders from their own inventory.

Currently, by law, customers can not re-ship alcohol back to a retailer.

If there is an order issue (incorrect item, missing item, broken item), retailers can re-ship the order.

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